Controlled Frenzy

Chris is a creative technologist and has built a lot of fantastic AI based projects that have gone on display all over the South West and even in the Tate Modern. He’s recently setup his own company and needed a strong brand to help him gain work and impress new customers.

Chris needed a brand that could be used for a Social Media presence, business cards and to help brand any new projects he was working. For this he needed a clean, simple logo that could be used in various situations and with a number of colours.

We’ve developed a number of logos, colours and brand guidelines for Chris to use going forward and will be starting on a brand new website for him very soon.

Loving the new logo! Was really excited to debut it as part of Loving Grace at the Future Sync conference this year (2017). I’m looking forward to working with Garry on some future projects too!

Chris, Managing Director – Controlled Frenzy