I’ve designed super-cool websites and created awesome graphic designs for some of the best freelancers and small businesses in Plymouth and the South West.

Take a look at some of the featured projects below.

Flowers going green

Website design

Revive beauty

Website design • Graphic design

Matt Spooner Photography

Website design

Controlled Frenzy

Graphic design

Website design

Our websites are both mobile friendly and the exact amount of epic you’re looking for. They also come with all the jazz that will make Google look at it with a tear in its eye. (Assuming a search engine can cry. Which, by the way… it totally can).

Graphic design

Our graphic design service is awesome! We create kick-ass designs for your organisation or small business and we’re clear, upfront and honest about pricing from the start. So you won’t cry for your mummy when you see our invoice.

Digital content

Connecting with your customers online is the best way to part them from their wallets. And digital content is the most effective way to do that. Social media, video and 360 photography are just some of the ways to attract new customers.

Digital skills

Embrace the digital revolution and take advantage of our industry experts. Our digital skills training will allow you to confidently build websites, create digital marketing content and much more – we’ll even bring the biscuits.


My name’s Garry, and I’m a freelance designer with over 10 years experience in website and graphic design. I work exclusively with small businesses and other freelancers like me to develop effective, super-cool websites (using WordPress) and create awesome graphic designs.

Tips for writing an awesome blog

• October 2017 •

Writing a blog is a great method for marketing your business. You’ll be seen as a expert in your field if you’re writing regular, relevant and interesting…

Tools of
the trade

• September 2017 •

First things first – it’s been a busy few months and my actual business has taken a back seat. Thankfully, the work has continued to roll in and invoices have…

Why I use

• July 2017 •

In the past WordPress has been (rightly so) demonized for many things; site speed, security, usability and many more. I’ve been using WordPress…


• March 2017 •

I don’t like to say no. In my life I have serious FOMO. It’s this exact reason that I ended up involved in running the recent TEDx event at Plymouth University…

Almost every day, someone will ask me “How much does xxx cost?” Quite simply, the price depends on what you want me to build – Do you want an custom WordPress website? An awesome business card design? A simple, one page website? Or a new logo design for your small business?

I want to know about you and I want to know about your project before I agree and quote for any work.

I created a pricing guide which should give you a rough expectation for how much your project might cost – but it’s exactly that, a guide.

Still want to work with me? You should get in touch using the contact form below.

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